[ANSTHRLD] Herefordshire names

M{o'}r inghean Chathail mor_chathail at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 10 10:20:55 PDT 2004

--- Maridonna <maridonna at maridonna.com> wrote:
> Sara L Friedemann wrote:
> > Quoth Laurie Brandt:
> > 
> >>I am looking for parish records and the like for
> Herefordshire England. 
> >>  I have a client  who wants the surname HARTSONG.
> > FWIW, I did not find the byname in R&W or
> Bardsley.
> I didn't find the heart or hart + song combination
> under either word in 
> the OED.
> I was a thinking a placename, but Smith's Place Name
> Elements doesn't show 'song', OE 'sang', etc.  I 
> didn't see anything
> like that in Ekwall.
> Andrea / Maridonna

Looking at the [very few] genealogy sites for
hartsong, I am seeing hartsough, hartsoe, heartsoe,
and artsough. None of these list in my sources
(Maclysaght, R&W Christian names etc) but perhaps this
may be of some use in searching?


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