[ANSTHRLD] Chevron Cotised, Looking for Conflicts - X-Posted (Somewhat Long)

Lee & Susan lecachot at airmail.net
Sun Apr 11 12:05:08 PDT 2004

Thanks for the quick reply.  Now I have a conflict :(  And now I have
another question.  Would going with a plain chevron make a difference?  Or
would that still be a conflict?


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> Quoth "Lee & Susan":
> > Melisent  de Alemayne
> > Per pale azure and sable, a chevron cotised argent
> >
> > Would there be enough difference because of the different field
division, or
> > do I have a conflict here?  I don't think I know enough to spot any
> This is a conflict.  The relevant RfS is X.4.a.i (I'm pretty sure -
> I'm going by memory here), which discussed getting CDs from fields
> that have charges other than peripheral ordinaries, and the rule
> says something to the effect of "when charges other than peripheral
> ordinaries exist, you can get at most one CD for changes to the
> field."
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