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> Sorry new to this here is the link
> http://www.geocities.com/freaks252798/Devices_bagdes.html

#1: Per chevron argent and checky sable and argent, a chevron enhanced 
purpure beneath in fess a crescent between two wolves sejant respectant 
sable.  The chevron enhanced with nothing beneath it is poor style and may 
be returnable.

#2: Gyronny azure and sable, a natural tiger's head (?) argent.  This 
violates RFS VIII.2.b.iv (elements evenly divided into multiple parts 
[except quarterly and per saltire] of two different tinctures must have 
good contrast between their parts).

#3: Unfortunately, the arrangement of the suns is unblazonable.  Sable, a 
bear rampant and to dexter three suns in an unblazonable arrangement, a 
bordure Or.

#4: Sable, on a bend sinister cotised between two quills bendwise sinister 
argent four inkwells sable.  I think this one is registerable style, but 
have not conflict checked.  I will be interested in arguments for and 
against it qualifying for X.2 and X.4.j.ii -- are cotises the same type of 
charge as the charge they accompany for the purpose of these rules?

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