[ANSTHRLD] blazoning assistance

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Mon Apr 12 07:42:25 PDT 2004

The device in question can perhaps be blazoned best as (note that I never 
remember without looking which crescent points which direction, I have used 
the word "crescent" which will need to be replaced with the correct word 
for the direction the horns are pointing):
Per chevron enhanced argent and checky argent and sable, a chevron purpure, 
in chief a [crescent] between a wolf sejant erect contourny and a wolf 
sejant erect.

The checky area has squares that need to be larger.
The chevron and line of division have been elevated higher than is normal, 
hence the "enhanced" in the blazon.
As I understand it, the secondaries in chief will fall afoul of the "slot 
machine" rule (use of three different charges with equal weight in 
co-status as primaries or secondaries) as the wolves are not in an 
identical posture (but I could be wrong and will await further comment).
The use of the per chevron filed division with a chevron over it is 
considered "typically SCA" or "TSCA" as such were vanishingly rare in 
period.  This <line of division> covered by <the ordinary of the same 
shape> (ie - per bend, a bend; or per chevron, a chevron, etc.) was almost 
never used in period in any culture but has become common in the SCA 
despite period practice.
I give this device a complexity count of seven which is very close to 
exceeding the rule of thumb count for being too complex for medieval armory.

No conflict check performed.


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