[ANSTHRLD] Trees and bow device

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 13 03:33:37 PDT 2004

"Per pall inverted Or, argent and sable, two trees eradicated sable and a 
bow and bird bolt crossed in saltire Or, on a chief sable two bows and bird 
bolts crossed in saltire Or."

You might also blazon this per pale and per chevron but it would be easier 
narrow the chief a bit and draw the bottom sable part of the field at a more
shallow angle.

I only count complexity of 7 which is well within our limits.  It is a 
rather busy
design but registerable.  There is very little chance of a conflict with
heraldry this complicated.


>greetings this is what happens when there alot of new playersand i get
>confused easy tryong to blazon all of these if there is someone willing to 
>help me
>off list it may be easier but for now i need more correct blazons
>In Service to the Dream
>Ld. Dmitrii syn Dmitrii Rostislavich
>Rapier Marshall For Crossrode Keep

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