[ANSTHRLD] A call to all Heralds...

kobrien@texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Wed Apr 21 15:23:41 PDT 2004

> Setting aside the dance and archery alternative lifestyle suggestions...

But I like dance and archery...  Besides, a dance is a heraldic charge.  Dance 
Herald is even registered...  On the other hand, I've been physically injured 
during both dance* and armory** and only mentally and monetarily injured doing 
heraldry (you know, book addictions aren't cheap).

[* an overenthusiastic partner accidently let go of my hand during Strip the 
Willow(?) and I flew 10 feet, landing on bricked pavement]

[** my bowstring snapped in the upper-loop area when I was holding it at full 
draw on a 50lb recurve - the competition stopped with a chiurgeon call on that 

> A series of more specific questions than this one will likely get you 
> better answers though it should be noted that everyone who replied about 
> alternatives is, or has been, a herald; one is a kingdom deputy herald, one 
> is the outgoing Laurel King of Arms, and one chose to absorb so much 
> heraldic knowledge before being on the Laurel staff that he is practically 
> radioactive with it.

Yep.  Definitely a good description of Daniel.  He also has the added 
distinction of having been involved with two rounds of Laurel office work.  
You'd think he'd learn...  :)

In case there were folks here who didn't get the joking between Daniel & myself 
that kinda started the dance and archery thread, I started out in heraldry as 
an armory herald around 1989 (several kingdoms ago).  I had a Bad Name-
Registration Experience (not this kingdom) and responded with "Oh, yeah?  I'll 
show you documentation..." and went digging through my university's spectacular 
(and sometimes weird) library for period documents that included names.  I got 
so involved with name research that I really haven't messed much with armory 
much in about 9 years.  So, when I explain things about armory, I'm never sure 
if I'm giving up-to-date and correct information.  Daniel confirmed that I was 
correct in the information I gave this time and made the comment that he should 
go take up dance...  :)  And that's how the thread took a left turn at Dance 

(whose warrant as Pelican Queen of Arms goes away this weekend)

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