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kobrien@texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Mon Apr 26 12:36:48 PDT 2004

> A call out for some help on where to find the documentation on place names.

"la Serin Noir" doesn't look like a placename.  The "'Bob' la serin Noir" 
example you give below makes it look like a descriptive byname.

> IE: of Galloway (england)
> and How to document translations such as "la Serin Noir" (french - the
> black canary).
> I have been given these as submissions but they were incomplete and I want
> to send them on with the proper documentation.
> Information:
> These are two different submissions.
> "of galloway" is 11-12th century england
> and "la serin noir" is 11-12th century french.
> examples are ("Bob" of galloway) and ("Bob" la serin Noir)
> Please if someone could give me a link or place where I could find how to
> do this.

It would help us to know what the submitter provided to you.  Specifically, 
what information does the submitter have showing a byname meaning 'the black 
canary' follows period byname constructions in 11th - 12th C France.  And what 
capitalization are they trying for.  In one place in your message, you say "la 
Serin Noir", in another you say "la serin Noir".

Also, it works best if we can look at the whole name, not just one piece.  That 
would let us see if there are any other potential issues that should be dealt 
with as part of these submissions.

Galloway is in Scotland, not England.  The first place I would check for that 
byname is in Black or Johnston.  My books are at home.  I'll try and remember 
to check those sources when I get home late tonight, if no one else has checked 
them by then.


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