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ok I thank everyone for all this info. But as usualy when you ask a
question it breeds more.  in the text below a name of Robert
Galloway...1594 is seen: I know we do not register famous names and thus
since this is so close to Robert of Galloway(as requested by my submitter)
how does that affect the chances of this submission? I know that I am
"assuming" the reference is famous but that is something I will look into,
I just want to know how this should be handled.

And is there a good french book (not that I can read french) which could
give me a reasonable way to decern what french descriptive names are

I have in the works to purchase for my shire herald's office a few books.
What I have now leaves me with alot of holes that make doing some of the
research in a way I feel is unreliable. The Web while holding vast amounts
of information isn't always consistant with reality. And I feel that
having the approved resources to research best helps all. I will post
those things I do have and will take recommendations on what best will
fill the holes, if someone has the time.


> mattias at playbard.com wrote:
>> A call out for some help on where to find the documentation on place
>> names.
>> IE: of Galloway (england)
> Scotland
> Black, s.n. Galloway, p287-88. From the district of the name.
> Name examples since we don't know the time period wanted:
> Thomas of Galwethia...c.1230
> Michael de Galewath[ia] at the same time.
> John Galway...1405
> gilbert of Galoway...1475
> Jhone of Galloway...1495
> Sande Galowey...1488
> William galloway...1541
> Pattoun Gallowey...1550
> Robert Galloway...1594
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