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> One of the sources for the name my wife used, and yes is the same
> Rixende you found registered, is the "Inquisition Register of Jacques
> Fournier(Bishop of Pamiers in Ariège in the Comté de Foix from 1318 to
> 1325)". Also look for information on the Cathars.  She no longer has her
> original documentation.  

This may or may not be the same source Cateline de la Mor used for her 
article "Names from Fourteenth Century Foix" (http://www.s-
gabriel.org/names/cateline/foix.html).  It all depends on whether the source 
your wife used was the one "translated and annotated by Jean Duvernoy".  
Cateline notes this as one of the sources for the book she used and notes that 
Duvernoy "translated the original Latin names to modern French".  (I've pasted 
the relevant paragraphs from Cateline's introduction at the end of this message 
in case that helps.)  If your wife used a volume that was not translated by 
Duvernoy, then she may have actually had access to original spellings.  (Which 
would be way cool!)

I don't know enough off the top of my head about French dialects to have any 
clue whether <Rixende> is the likely period form as well or not.  I checked a 
couple of the French books I had at home for forms of <Rixende> / <Richenda> / 
etc. to see if I could find some examples of the name - to try and get an idea 
of whether the spelling <Rixende> was likely or not - but I couldn't find any 
examples of this name in the couple of books I looked in (mainly Morlet I & II).


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The names in these lists are from Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie's Montaillou: 
Promised Land of Error, printed by Random House in 1978. Montaillou was a 
village in Foix (now in the departement of Ariège). The names are taken from 
inquisition records from the first quarter of the 14th century. These people 
were accused of heresy or appeared as witnesses against others. The people of 
Montaillou had some contact with Catalonia south across the Pyrenees, so some 
Catalan names may have crept into these lists. 

Le Roy Ladurie wrote his book based on a modern French translation of the 
original Latin inquisition records. His source was Le registre d'inquisition de 
Jacques Fournier (Eveque de Pamiers), 1318-1325, translated and annotated by 
Jean Duvernoy (Toulouse, private edition, 1966. Republished Paris ; New York : 
Mouton, c1978). I have compared Le Roy Ladurie's book to Duvernoy's 
translation, and as far as I can tell, Le Roy Ladurie did not modify the names 
from Duvernoy's spellings. However, Duvernoy himself translated the original 
Latin names to modern French. Therefore, the spellings of names in these lists 
cannot be trusted. 

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