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> Is she absolutely married to the given name?
> Morlet I, page 189 has something similar, but as Mari said not that 
> exact name.
> S.n.  Ricsindis:
> Ricsinda a. 938
> Ricsendis a.988-1031
> Ricsenna 870
> *Rixendis a.1064-79
> Richisindis a. 1050
> Richisenna a.1045

Okay.  This is a real sign that I was waaaaay too tired to be digging through 
Morlet last night.  I honestly missed these.  Sigh.  I thought I'd looked under 
all the logical headings.  I guess my eyes glazed over in all the spellings of 

Thanks for catching these, Maridonna!

Is the <Rixendis> spelling marked with an asterisk in the text or did you put 
in the asterisk to draw attention to this spelling?

<Rixendis> is probably Latin.  But it does give some support to <Rixend-> being 
a period form.  I don't know what a vernacular form would be.  Whether it would 
be <Rixende> or not.  It could well be.  Now we're getting into period French 
dialectical stuff and that's not my forte/.

It looks like there's enough support for <Rixende> to be submitted - maybe 
registered (depends on what commenters who know tons about dialectical stuff 
say along the way).

It's been ages since I've written the text for a submission.  But I can picture 
good text for the ILoI / LoI entry.  I've typed that in below in case you want 
to use it as a summary page or something for this submission.

Hope this helps,



The format I usually use is:
[submitted form] - [what is this word/name element] [where did we find this 
name] [why we think it's registerable, including documentation for period 
examples, etc. - sometimes this section is unnecessary if the documentation 
shows a solid period example of this name element used as the submitter wants 
to use it]

      - - - - - - - - - - - 

Rixende - feminine given name found in "Names from Fourteenth Century Foix" by 
Cateline de la Mor (http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/cateline/foix.html).  Also 
found in "Names from Thirteenth Century Languedoc" by Cateline de la Mor 
(http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/cateline/languedoc.html).  Some of the names in 
these articles are modernized and we cannot tell if the spelling "Rixende" is 
modernized or not.  Morlet I (p. 189 s.n. Ricsindis) dates the 
spellings "Ricsinda" to a. 938 and "Rixendis" to a. 1064-79, lending some 
support to the spelling "Rixende" as a period vernacular form.

      - - - - - - - - - - - 

[If you go with this text, you'll need to print out the relevant pages from 
Cateline's two articles and include those pages with the submission.]

[If the submitter happens to have a preferred "fallback" spelling she wants 
if "Rixende" isn't registerable, then this is a good place to note that.]

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