[ANSTHRLD] Once More, With Feeling

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Wed Apr 28 15:16:32 PDT 2004

At 04:40 PM 4/28/2004, you wrote:
>How about 4-year-old heralds-in-training?

I am not chastising your four year old daughter, Emma.  Her mother, my ER 
deputy, is another matter.

And, despite Seamus declaration that he is the living equivalent of 
heraldic ebola, I have to differ with him.  If he really was heraldic 
ebola, I'd have to ask the Crown to distance themselves from their herald 
for their own safety.

In a slightly more serious vein, I hope to see many of you at Crown Tourney 
this coming weekend.  Do not forget that there is a consultation table; if 
you have the skills to assist, please donate some time.  There will be a 
kingdom decision meeting hosted by Asterisk Herald later in the day (check 
in with Lady Medb on-site for exact time and location).  And, of course, 
there is the tourney and field heraldry and the march of precedence; I am 
contacting the local herald to verify what help she needs, if any, and will 
happily direct volunteers for her if needed.


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