[ANSTHRLD] Decision Meeting (s)

Stefen and Rhonda Hays housedragonstar at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 29 18:11:07 PDT 2004

Well, I just checked the weather report for Huntsville.

Bring your galoshes.

So, with that said...as many of you know, my dear lord husband fights in
Crown.  So, after the March, we will start the meeting.  We will either
break or someone else will take over so that I can watch him fight.  Or we
can all go watch him fight.  He will be using his short spear and sword, a
weapon combination he just picked up after Gulf War, so it should be

I am anxious to get the meeting started, lest the sky fall upon us.

I am bringing two 10x10 blue ez ups, which really means about 8 x16 in dry
space, if there is no wind.  We will be in back of the Elfsea blue and

I will also have a few extra copies of the ICC.  If anyone wants one
electronically, please let me or Estrill know and one of us will send you
one to preview.  Please email your request to rhonda.hays at nokia.com.

I will also bring down the box with the no-photo copy books in it.

Lastly, with Estrill's agreement, I have published the Decision Meeting
schedule for the next four meetings on our really cool website.  The dates
are a bit out of the norm, but I was aiming for heavily attended events.

Medb, who was put down the soda can just as she opened Daniel's email and
then hit her knee on the computer keyboard holder thingy.  I can add some
voices to that choir!

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