[ANSTHRLD] Withycombe's Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names available

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 5 10:43:18 PDT 2004

Don't know if he has any left of not, but may be work a check,  price is higher than it was
originally, but then again, it's out of print.  

>Hi guys,
>I know you don't hear from me much, but running a bookshop on your own is 
>pretty time consuming.  I do still keep an eye open for SCA interest books 
>though, and over the last couple of years I've accumulated several copies 
>of one of the best (and hardest to track down) general books on names- The 
>3rd edition of Withycombe's Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names.
>For anyone unfamiliar with the title, the following is an excerpt from the 
>Annotated Name Book List by Mistress Jaelle of Armida:  "...If you can get 
>only one name book, this is the one to get. It gives dates, variant 
>spellings, and lots of useful information on names. Its one disadvantage 
>for SCA heralds is that it only covers names from England. I strongly urge 
>all heralds to try to acquire a copy of this, even if they get no other 
>name books..."
>The book is unfortunately out of print, and Oxford shows no inclination to 
>reissue.  They seem to be putting thier faith in the far less useful Hank 
>and Hodges Dictionary of First Names
>I managed to turn up four copies of the 3rd edition in various piles 
>around my desk (I think I may have another somewhere, but in this place 
>you never know).
>The first is a paperback copy.  It has a creased spine and some light 
>cover creasing, but the binding is tight and straight.  The cost is $50.00
>The remaining three are all hardbacks with dustjackets.  Amazingly (since 
>I got them all from different places) in excellent shape.  No tears to any 
>of the dustjackets, although there is some age darkening to the 
>pages.  Each copy is $75.
>Shipping is $3.50 media mail or $6.00 priority within the US.  Florida 
>shipments will be charged a 7% tax (sorry guys, they make me do it)
>We accept Visa and Mastercard payments.
>This is the only list I'm posting to, so you guys have first 
>crack.  Although I'd appreciate it if one of you more connected folks 
>could cross post to any heraldry lists outside Trimaris.
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>Black Sheep Books
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