[ANSTHRLD] Blazoning help and a question about grandfathering

Steve K. Rourke steverourke at charter.net
Thu Aug 12 15:38:06 PDT 2004

> Yes (all other things being equal).  A grandfathered item must not
> introduce any new violations of the rule.  So if you had a charged
> gore, you could not register a charged gusset (also forbidden),
> because that would be a new violation, or presumably a charged gore to
> sinister.  The RfS have an explicit example in RfS VII.8:
>     Only the actual armorial element from the originally registered
>     submission may be covered by this permission. For example, if an
>     individual had registered armory containing a fimbriated lion many
>     years ago, only that fimbriated lion would be covered under this
>     rule, not fimbriated wolves, eagles, or lions in other postures.
> The original animal did not affect the rules violation, so that can be
> changed at will, as could the field tincture, other charges on the
> field, et cetera.  Could you change the type of charge on the gore?
> Good question.  Next question, please.

So to make sure I understand correctly the original blazon is "Gules, a
dragon rampant contourny argent, a gore Or." could be grandfathered to be
"Gules, a dragon rampant argent, a gore Or" so long as it doen't conflict
with anything else?


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