[ANSTHRLD] two Device conflict check requests

M{o'}r inghean Chathail mor_chathail at yahoo.com
Wed May 5 08:10:03 PDT 2004

--- Brent Ryder <borekvv at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Howdy all,
> I need a couple of conflict checks for two
> submitters who have been trying 
> to get something to pass for a long time. They are:
> Per pale Or and azure, two horses combattant
> counterchanged
> and
> Azure, a butterfly and a bordure Or

> Borek
> Bordure

I find no conflicts with either device. Just an FYI as
a mirror device is clear, but the mirror to the
butterfly device was registered:

Katarina la Juste
The following device associated with this name was
registered in November of 1999 (via the East):
Or, a butterfly within a bordure azure.


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