[ANSTHRLD] Snorri Likes the Wall (Thumpthumpthump)!

Snorri Hallsson snorri at houston.rr.com
Mon May 17 15:56:20 PDT 2004

So after being reminded that there's no CD in gyronny and gyronny arrondi, I'm back to the drawing board.  I think once before, months ago, I put a post to the list asking for advice and design suggestions, but my PC's crashed twice since then and I've slept once, so here I am again.

My goal, being the Good Herald that I am, is to try and come up with armory that is evocative of my persona, that being late 900s Iceland.  (The most accurate thing would of course be to have no armory whatsoever, since Iceland's not exactly a heraldic hot spot, but then I'd be a Bad Herald.)  So in doing a bit of research (meaning Gunnvör did all the research and I went to her website and read a page - thanks again, my friend) I've come up with the following Plans of Action to design good, registerable armory.

Plan A: Field-primary armory, created from the following subset of elements:
Tinctures: gules, Or, sable, argent, azure
Field divisions/treatments: paly, fretty, gyronny arrondi, lozengy, per saltire.

Plan B: The above, plus one of the following ordinaries: orle, pale, chief, fess, saltire

Plan C:  In lieu of Plan B, Plan A, plus one of the following groups of charges: horn (1 or 2 crossed in saltire), axe (1 or 2 crossed in saltire), bear (1, argent only, position irrelevant), longship (1, metal only), wake knot (1, metal only).

My new armory is hidden in there somewhere ... let's see if we can find it together ... you, me, a great armorial quest ... we'll get Judi Dench or Ian McKellan to play you ... and, um ... Bob Hoskins for me, I think, in the movie version ...

Banging his head against the wall again (does it show?),
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