[ANSTHRLD] salted, saltired beasts (was Snorri Likes the Wall)

M{o'}r inghean Chathail mor_chathail at yahoo.com
Mon May 17 21:00:27 PDT 2004

--- Snorri Hallsson <snorri at houston.rr.com> wrote:
> Plan A: Field-primary armory, created from the
> following subset of elements:
> Tinctures: gules, Or, sable, argent, azure
> Field divisions/treatments: paly, fretty, gyronny
> arrondi, lozengy, per saltire.
> Plan B: The above, plus one of the following
> ordinaries: orle, pale, chief, fess, saltire
> Plan C:  In lieu of Plan B, Plan A, plus one of the
> following groups of charges: horn (1 or 2 crossed in
> saltire), axe (1 or 2 crossed in saltire), bear (1,
> argent only, position irrelevant), longship (1,
> metal only), wake knot (1, metal only).

I read plan "C" saw "1 or 2 crossed in saltire", then
"bear"... Can beasts be crossed in saltire? 

Mor "or less no sleep lately" inghean Chathail

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