[ANSTHRLD] Field Haraldry at Warlord

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Thu May 27 21:12:06 PDT 2004

Daniel de Lincoln did pen in regards to the decision meeting at Warlord:
> 1 PM Saturday or 1 PM Sunday?  (1 PM Monday is probably right out.)
> I hope that the large tourneys won't need as many field heralds by
> then, but I suspect that they will.

Ah, thank you Master Daniel for the nice opening.  Due to unforeseen
circumstances, I was asked last minute to help coordinate the heraldry
at Warlord.  To this end I am asking for volunteers to come forth.  I
have been passed the names of a few good gentles that have agreed to
assist, but as most already know it takes more than a few people. 

If you are available for even a short time to assist with the heralding,
field or camp, then please let me know.  In theory I should not be too
hard to find on site.  Ask around if you do not know me (which is
probably most of you.) I would hate to have to delay the list because I
am trying to draft field heralds at the last minute.

In Service, and begging for yours,
Alasdair MacEogan

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