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This message came across the Bryn Gwlad list:

    Quoting Sieur Jean Paul de Sens, Mooneschadowe:
    What's an Optio, you ask?

    Their Majesties Dracontius and Sibri, created the Optio fighting
    award.  This AoA level award was created to recognize fighting
    ability and leadership of promising fighters.  The Optios are also
    tasked with assisting the Centurions upon the field.

    The insignia of the new award is representative of their function,
    as its an red eagle's claw on a gold field, with an embattled red
    border.  The Optios are to be talon of the Centurions.  In Roman
    times the Optio was under-officer of the Centurion, who would
    motivate the men to greater feats of glory (see His Majesty for an
    example on how they "motivated" them).

    The premiers of the order were Tarquin, Evan der Fultime, Brom O
    Brian, Liam Gordon, and Baron Gauvin. ...

"Optio" hasn't been registered.  Has a name expert researched it?
Has it been batted around the CoH?

Hmmm ... looks like AoA level awards are thin on the ground in
Ansteorra, as far as I can tell -- lots of non-armigerous and the
grants are slurching outward too.  Is there going to be another level
populated and a whole new slew of awards?

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