kobrien@texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Tue Sep 7 11:52:17 PDT 2004

> You forgot thrown weapons...
> And I ain't going to take that bet.

Me neither.  I don't take sucker bets.

On a different thought, this is starting to look like a situation where it may 
be more useful to have an AoA level award for marshallate activites that can 
be awarded multiple times for different activities - like the Sable Thistle 
for A&S.

Then you could get this award in chivalric fighting, rapier, seige weapons, 
combat archery, etc.  Also, the thrown weapons areas (knife, axe, spear, 
etc.)  Heck, it could even be awarded for battle tactics if we has someone who 
came up with battle plans over and over that made a heck of an impact at major 
wars, etc.

Something like this would be very flexible and could encourage people 
to "think out of the box" with regards to the fighting arts they pursue.


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