[ANSTHRLD] What various awards are for

Bridget the Stargazer bridgetthestargazer at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 10 14:07:49 PDT 2004


With all the discussion about awards and when and why they were created, I 
find myself wondering whether an award recommendation is appropriate or not.

Is there somewhere online that tells what each of the awards is for? I 
thought I had seen this before, but can't find it now.

Also, there were a couple of children at Gothic War who out did themselves 
by helping to waterbear. Is there an award that covers this or is this what 
largess and a "thank you" are for?

I was told that the Rising Star is for "years of service" from youth of the 

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
Bridget the Stargazer

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