[ANSTHRLD] Zodiacus weighs in on this week's award discussions

Amanda Bowen reason_prevails at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 10 15:28:33 PDT 2004

>Roughly a zillion things about this thread piss me off
>mightily, and I've tried several times to write a
>calm, coherent reply, but haven't been able to yet.

Countess Sara-

I do hope that I personally have not said anything to anger you. I realized 
when I wrote my reply that all Crowns (or even most Crowns) do not know the 
ins and outs of the college of heralds, nor do they want to know, nor should 
they be expected to know. Having never been queen myself, I realize it was 
presumptuous of me to comment on the duties of the Crown, which I realize 
must be many and heavy.

I will save your email, and remember all you have said if I should ever be 
raised so high as to have dealings with the Crown. As of now I'm still 
Schmoe McWho both in the CoH and the Society at large. I thank my lucky 
stars for that fact every day. :)


Galiana de Baiona

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