[ANSTHRLD] Registerable Order Names (was: Zodiacus weighs in on this week's award discussions)

kobrien@texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Fri Sep 10 15:31:32 PDT 2004

> Crowns are not born knowing what the precise procedure
> for the creation of an award "ought" to be (something
> that, as far as I know, isn't clearly defined anywhere
> and is probably a little subjective anyway). They're

I think you've hit on the crux of the problem here.  In my experience, heralds 
mostly want to make people happy.  (I've met very few heralds who were 
purposefully problems.)  In most cases, those of us participating in this 
thread have been involved in one (or usually more) cases of trying to come up 
with a registerable order/award/group name that folks are already emotionally 
attached to.  And we didn't like seeing people's feelings get hurt by having 
to change from a name that simply was not registerable.

(By the way, Ansteorra is mostly decent at coming up with names.  Not always 
correct on the first try, but usually in the ballpark of correct.  Some of the 
order names I had to return as Pelican Queen of Arms were constructions that I 
don't think would even get thought of down here.)

We want to prevent the hurt feelings that go with unregisterable award names.  
The question is how do we do that.  I think your suggestion of a letter of 
introduction is a good one.  Since you mentioned other issues that crowns have 
to figure out, it almost seems like there needs to be a binder of one-page 
question & answer topics (kinda like a "So, you won crown, here's info you 
will need at some point" kit; actually, with today's technology, that would 
make a good private website).

Anyway, I see the discussions here as really being 2 discussions:

- how do we get registerable order names as soon as possible 
- a general discussion of the Ansteorran award system

(I can definitely see the second item having the potential to generate lots of 
conflicting feelings among folks.)

> I *never* as Queen received any communication of this
> sort, and didn't know enough yet to ask for it. In
> retrospect, I would've *loved* to have had a little
> intro letter from all my officers that gave me a heads
> up on the things I might need to know, but wouldn't
> necessarily know to ask.

I suspect that folks don't want torque off the royals, or be seen as telling 
the royals what to do.  That may be a good bit of the reticence in contacting 
the crown.  Or it simply could be that folks assumed that the crown would go 
to the kingdom officer (here, Star Principal Herald) for questions in that 


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