[ANSTHRLD] Zodiacus weighs in on this week's award discussions

Patrick Cuccurello pcuccurello at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 10 19:06:31 PDT 2004

You know, I think that we all need to step back and take a reality check 
here.  As Heralds I think we can lose track of the fact that the SCA 
universe does not revolve around us and the "artificial" world we have 
created around ourselves.

Before anyone gets their hackles up, I mean "artificial" because in the 
grand scheme of the SCA, the only people who care about 90% of the things we 
talk about are other Heralds.  Believe it or not, most of the populous is 
fairly clueless about what's involved, and *gasp* could care less.  The only 
reason they interface with us at all is to get a name and device passed.  
They do that only because they are told that need a name and device if they 
want to be taken seriously.  Hell, we don't even speak the same language as 
them half the time!  Especially since Heralds don't pun, they 
cant.....nyuck, nyuck.  We've evolve from a group that was originally there 
to prevent duplication and to study the history and art of Heraldry to some 
grand arbitrator of "Periodness", and by gawd they had better be Period or 
they will be chastised!  <<grin>>

To look at it another way:   If all the Heralds disapeared tomorrow, the 
Crown and the Populous would still be playing.  If the Crown and the 
Populous disapeared tomorrow, we would only be playing with ourselves--so to 

Crowns have the right to govern as they wish per Right of Arms.  Most try 
pretty darn hard to do a good job and not step on toes--they are after all, 
here to have a good time also.  Most have no problem living with the 
consequences of their actions if they make an honest mistake.  They usually 
have broad shoulders, and are use to painful situations.  I'm sure that 
since a good portion of them have lived on the fighting field, they have 
absolutely no clue about the baroque hierarchy of the Ansteorra College of 
Heralds.  We on the other hand should not forget that we are merely the 
"good civil servants" who facilitate an easier interaction by the Crown with 
Their armigerous awards and not visa-versa.  Our offices and College are 
here to be of service to the Crown and Populous of the Kingdom.  When we 
lose track of who our "clients" are, we insulate ourselves from the reality 
of the world that is the SCA.

If we're not careful, we'll become just another marginalized cliche that 
people make fun of...<<grin>>  That would be a sad day because Heraldry is 
such an inherently essential and beautiful part of the SCA.

Just my own 20 kopecks worth.  I'll go back to my lawn chair and mint julep 
now  :)


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