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Let me throw in 2 coppers more on the Optio please.

Could it be possible, since it looks like there is
going to need to be a rework of some sort on the name,
to set the award up to be an armigious award to those
areas covered by the Marshalate?  Something structured
like a Thistle?  If I remember, someone else came up
with that idea in an earlier posting.  That way you
would get the "(award name goes here) for (pick

I realize that it has more or less been "announced" as
a chiv award, but this could put a stop to a flurry of
AoA level awards for all the "fighting" groups.


--- "Etienne de St. Amaranth" <star at ansteorra.org>

> Other than answering a few technical points, I've
> mostly remained quiet 
> during this conversation of the new award, awards in
> general, Crown's 
> actions (real, imagined, other), the awards
> structure, and people's 
> feelings.  I firmly believe that when people are
> passionate about 
> something, it is because they care.  This
> discussion, and its offshoots, 
> did not degenerate into any personal attacks and the
> few "tirades" were 
> about systems, procedures, or opinions of the way
> things ought to be (in 
> different opinions).
> I sat this out mostly waiting for something I knew
> would come because I 
> know most of you and I knew it was inevitable. 
> After the emotion, heralds 
> (on this list anyway) would start asking questions
> and heralds would start 
> offering suggestions or educational tidbits.  I'm
> really proud of the 
> heralds and scribes of this kingdom because you took
> a lot less time to get 
> there than most lists I've seen explode.  Now comes
> the hard part; we have 
> to take what occured, and we have to look at the
> suggestions and the ideas, 
> and we have to make a plan and implement it.
> For starters, I have asked a couple of heralds to
> work with me offlist on 
> the naming of the Optio award.  As soon as we have
> come up with a workable, 
> potentially registerable idea then we will post it
> for comment.  We will 
> probably be involving others as we identify and need
> expertise.  Be on the 
> watch.
> Next, the list can conflict check the badge for this
> award.  It has been 
> conflict checked before but we all know that it
> takes more than one set of 
> eyes.  The blazon is:  Or, an eagle's leg erased à
> la quise within a 
> bordure embattled gules.
> Countess Sara's suggestion of a document for the
> Crown on what they need to 
> know about heraldry and the college in the SCA is
> one near to my heart.  I 
> had even discussed with our current Zodiacus (when I
> interviewed her) about 
> my perception of the need for a class or at least a
> Q&A session about this 
> type of issue.  A document which could lead to the
> new Crown asking for a 
> Q&A session might be even better.  So, I am asking
> if there is a person on 
> the list who would be interested in collecting the
> topics that the list 
> might suggest which need to be communicated; perhaps
> a TopTen (or Twelve) 
> list of critical need to knows or most common
> problems (from the heralds' 
> perspective).  I don't need a whole write-up at this
> point, just a person 
> willing to be a collector of topics; we'll add the
> write-ups 
> later.  Volunteers?
> Master Robin and Mistress Serena have not simply
> alluded, rather they have 
> very clearly stated, that there is a defined
> structure to the Ansteorran 
> awards system that is critical to how it works.  I'd
> like to get that 
> documented.  Not the entire tome it would take to
> explain it, the why of 
> it, and the history that resulted in it; what I am
> looking for is the 
> executive summary that would appear at the beginning
> of such a tome and 
> would likely conclude with something like:  "This is
> the system.  To 
> understand the whys, and the history, is a task not
> unlike the passing on 
> of a vocal tradition and history like the
> pre-written history of 
> Ireland.  This document should raise questions;
> those questions are best 
> answered by having a conversation with the heralds
> who know the history and 
> who can provide the color to the black and white of
> the system itself.  To 
> reach one of these heralds, contact your principal
> herald who can point you 
> in their direction (and likely participate)."  I
> know Mistress Serena's 
> workload in the college right now and Master Robin
> has other things on his 
> plate.  But, first shot at producing a summary
> document needs to be 
> theirs.  I'll talk to them about this offlist since
> reading this will be 
> the first they have heard of it.
> Some other awards updates, since we are on the
> topic.  The Order of the 
> Golden Lance is out of kingdom and in commentary at
> the Laurel level.  The 
> Arcus Majoris (which was its own thread awhile back)
> has a very possible 
> solution now and I will be meeting with the circle
> very soon to verify that 
> this solution is acceptable and to implement it. 
> Yes, once I have talked 
> to the circle then I will be bringing that solution
> back to this list for 
> commentary.  Including the Optio, these three should
> be the last three not 
> complete in their registration process.  We are
> close.
> Lastly, I will repeat a few things I said near the
> beginning of this thread 
> on Sept. 7, 2004.  "Their Majesties approached the
> principal herald prior 
> to their coronation to discuss this [award].... The
> real advantage to what 
> this Crown has done is that, while they strove for
> secrecy, They did 
> consult with their principal herald ahead of time
> and They have broken the 
> secret early enough in Their reign to personally
> amend or modify anything 
> needed for registration or the constitution.  More
> importantly, while They 
> strove to keep this a secret until it was unveiled,
> Their Majesties want 
> this to be correct heraldically and have actively
> involved the principal 
> herald and They are willing to do what is needed to
> achieve 
> registration."  While some might challenge the need
> or reason for the 
> secrecy, the Crown wanted it and that was the fact
> of it.  But, TRM have 
> done what has been done with the deliberate intent
> of getting this resolved 
> and registered and with the knowledge that some
> adjustment might have to 
> happen.  That is a large step away from the fears I
> heard earlier last week 
> of theoretical Crowns who simply act with prior
> consult, and leave the 
> situation to be dealt with by others.  It may not be
> everyone's version of 
> utopian award creation (if such exists short of
> Glenn Abhann and you like 
> their solution) but I'll take it over the purgatory
> of the fears expressed 
> last week.
> I now return you to your regularly scheduled list
> and hope that until more 
> substantive material is posted (like a name
> submission for comment or a 
> conflict check) that this topic can rest for a bit. 
> But not too long... we 
> have work to do.
> Sincerely,
> Seigneur Etienne
> Star Principal Herald
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