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Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
Mon Sep 13 20:51:35 PDT 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Etienne de St. Amaranth <star at ansteorra.org> wrote:
> the fears I heard earlier last week of theoretical Crowns who simply
> act with prior consult

I assume you meant "without prior consult"?  The word "not" gets left
out much more than other words -- Murphy must love that error.

It's not theoretical.  For example, not many years ago, the king told
Da'ud to introduce Inman during court, and "You'll know when".  Then
they created the Sable Garland.  The name was eventually registered.
The badge of the order was stated to have a wreath of roses, which has
been reserved to female royalty or Roses for over 20 years, and by the
constitution of the order it can only be changed by the king and queen
and the unanimous consent of the order, which they've never done.  Of
course, if they'd just asked Da'ud, even on the spur of the moment he
could have told them that.  Since it's been given only six times (four
in 1997, two in 1998), though, it's probably considered a low-priority

Danihel Lindocollinum
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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