[ANSTHRLD] Crown consult table and Heraldic Evangelism meeting

Amanda Bowen reason_prevails at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 27 10:45:39 PDT 2004

>Let me step back a moment and ask why not haul a convenient library?
>My understanding is that, for example, the Armillary office has all
>its books, folders, and whatnot packed ready to go in honkin' big tubs
>with wheels.

I wish I had honkin' big tubs with wheels. As it is, the office has 9 medium 
sized tubs with "handles" that stick out maybe 2mm from the box sides, with 
lids that do not, in fact, fit all the way on. No wheels. (Not complaining - 
just pointing out the differences between a wonderful fantasy and the 
slightly less wonderful reality.)

I fail to see, my dear Daniel, the reason why I should haul The Nine out if 
we're only doing pre-consult stuff. I was planning on bringing the folders 
with the articles, probably a PicDic and a copy of Fosters for armory ideas, 
and very little else. If there's something else that you simply must have, 
by all means bring it out.

>the vehicle, and upon reaching site, should just have to say (using
>FIELD HERALD VOICE), "You know, anyone who wants to WIN CROWN TOURNEY
>should be CHIVALROUS enough to come over and LUG a few boxes to help a

Ahem. Daniel, we've met. You've seen me in person. If I go around calling 
myself a frail flower of _anything_ I doubt that any of the men will be able 
to fight, they'll be so tired out from laughing.

>If anyone wants to bring out their computerized hoo-hah, I could
>bring a CD with stuff on it.

I might bring my computerized hoo-hah out just because. If you want to bring 
a CD with stuff, go for it. (I'd like a copy for myself, actually.) I'd like 
to remind everyone though that the site has no buildings or other happy 
cushy stuff on it, so that could become an issue.

>Danihel Lindicolinum, terribly frail and wan

We know. :)

Galienne de Bayonne
not a frail flower

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