[ANSTHRLD] Office Changes

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Tue Sep 28 09:54:12 PDT 2004

I started to write this great shuffle of offices and openings and caught 
myself trying to rhyme like Dr. Seuss.  I have re-written and this is 
shorter (believe me, this is shorter).

Based on the applicants and the schedules they have forwarded me (some of 
which you have already seen on this list):
Lady Emma de Featherstan will be the new Asterisk Herald
HL Estrill Swet will be the new Obelisk Herald

HL Medb Liath leaves a well run Asterisk Office to Lady Emma and any 
submitter or local who has worked with her should drop her a note of thanks.
Lady Emma leaves a well organized Obelisk office to HL Estrill and she has 
well run a tight ship for the Gazette for the last several years.  Please 
thank her for her service when next you see her and welcome her to her new 
HL Estrill has handled the Retiarius office for a number of years and kept 
the process smooth and on schedule.  Please thank her for her service and 
welcome her to her new role in the college.

HL Medb, along with Lady Emma and Lord Alden Drake, will remain as one of 
my three ER deputies.

As a result of the above office shuffle, applications are now open for 
Retiarius Pursuivant.  Retiarius collects the commentary on our internal 
submissions process, collates it, and forwards it to Asterisk and others 
for decision meetings.  Applications for Retiarius should be sent to the 
new Obelisk Herald (former Retiarius), HL Estrill.  I do not need a 
courtesy copy.  I'll ask HL Estrill to post her deadline for applications 
to this list.

In addition, my September Black Star letter noted that applications were 
open for Orbis Herald (Southern Regional) and Equinox Herald (Western 
Regional).  Those applications are due to me, with copies to the current 
office holders, by October 29.

I must additionally note that two more offices are now open for 
application.  Eclipse Herald (Central Regional) and the office of Star 
Signet (Head of the College of Scribes) are open for applications.  For 
each of these, I would like to receive applications (with copies to the 
current office holders) by December 24, 2004.  That is, copies in my hands 
by the 15th and not postmarked on the 15th.  These offices will change 
officers at January Coronation.

To summarize:
Offices Filled --
Asterisk Herald - Lady Emma de Featherstan
Obelisk Herald - HL Estrill Swet

Offices Open and Deadlines -
Orbis Herald (Southern Regional) - October 29
Equinox Herald (Western Regional) - October 29
Eclipse Herald (Central Regional) - December 15
Star Signet (College of Scribes) - December 15
Retiarius Pursuivant - Applications taken now, deadline to be announced.

Seigneur Etienne
Star Principal Herald

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