[ANSTHRLD] AAA submission report - finally.

Galiana de Baiona galiana at houston.rr.com
Tue Sep 28 15:09:06 PDT 2004

Greetings unto the heralds of Ansteorra-

Here is a final list of those submissions recieved at AAA, and their status
thus far. If anyone has any sort questions about a submission feel free to
contact me at galiana @ houston.rr.com and I will do my best to assist you.
November is going to be a bumper month for AAA submissions, as I've finally
gotten the armory done on the rest of the submission forms. :)

On the September ILoI

1. Alarich von Thorn - device resubmission
2. Branislava doch' Volkova - new name and device
3. Donnchadh mc Griogair - resubmitted name and device
4. Gwenhwyvar Pefr - name change
5. Ikishima Katsutoshi - name resubmission
6. Malcolm de Crauford - device resubmission
7. Pedrog ap Sylvrbeard - device resubmission
8. Renee D'Avronches - name resubmission
9. Tara MacClaffey - new name and device
10. Valia of the Mists - new name and device

Forthcoming on the October ILoI

11. Seamus MacDuff - new name
12. Rose of Nazareth - new name
13. Luirint Docair - new name
14. Askell Gunnsteinsson - new name
15. Isabelot de Forens - new name and device (Asterisk should have the
device forms already - sorry Medb)
16. Timothy Fairwood - new name

Forthcoming on the November ILoI

17. Elspet Arbuthnoth - name change and badge resubmission
18. Kyneth m'Fergus - new name and device
19. Riccardo de Nicolosi - new name and badge
20. Carlezza de Nicolosi - new name and badge (shared with husband above)
21. Angelique de la Fontaine - new name and device
22. Egenulf de Vienville - new name and device
23. Hannah Lamb - new name and device
24. Dieric Brauer - new name
25. Etromma ingen Domnaill - new name
26. Hrafn Olafsson - new name
27. Brenna MacEwan - new name
28. Odawara Yoshinobu - new name and device (device forms already at
Asterisk. sorry Medb)
29. Wilhelm won dem Schwartzwald - household name for House Goldwulf
30. Timothy Fairwood - new device
31. Rose of Nazareth - new device
32. Dierdre ni Raighalligh - new device
33. Aldric de Kerr - new badge
34. Gerard de le Quartier - new badge
35. Kingdom of Ansteorra - badge for European dance guild
36. Bronwen Selwyn - new badge
37. Elisabeth de Calais - new badge
38. Gwynafwy Sinclaire - new badge
39. Klaus der Langer - device resubmission

Problem submissions - need to be corrected before being forwarded

40. No society name. Mundane is Gerald Simmons, of Brad Leah. Someone give
me a name on this one? - new device
41. Eric von Stryker - Magnus, talk to me. - new name and device
42. Phocas of Bordermarch - needs documentation on given name. Jayme, this
was your consult. What's up? - new name and device
43. Michael Fray - no documentation whatsoever. document the byname,
anyone? - name change to <Michael Kettering>

That ends the list of submissions I have in hand. If you know of something
missing, please let me know. If something is wrong and/or incomplete, please
let me know. If you know why the sky is blue and/or why Armillary now wants
to fly south for the winter, please let me know.

Galiana de Baiona
Coloring Book Hell (uh, Armillary) Herald

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