[ANSTHRLD] AAA submission report - finally.

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Tue Sep 28 21:48:17 PDT 2004

>> > 7. Pedrog ap Sylvrbeard - device resubmission
>>I'm assuming this is:
>>Pedrog Sylverberd
>>This name was registered in October of 2003 (via Ansteorra).
>Hm... The "ap" appears on the form.

His name was originally submitted with the <ap>.  Here's the ruling from
the Oct 2003 LoAR:


Pedrog Sylverberd. Name. 

Listed on the LoI as Pedrog Sylvrbeard, this name was submitted as Pedrog
ap Sylvrbeard and was changed at Kingdom because the submitted byname
combined the Welsh ap and the English Sylvrbeard in a single name phrase
and, so, violated RfS III.1.a, which requires linguistic consistency within
a name phrase. The submitter requested authenticity for 10th C "Welch/Norse
[sic]" and allowed any changes.

Sylvrbeard was submitted as a constructed English byname. However, no
support was provided for either the spelling Sylvr- or -beard in period.
All of the period examples of bynames including forms of the elements
'silver' and 'beard' found by the College had the 'silver' element spelled
as Silver- or Sylver- and the 'beard' element spelled as -berd. Lacking
evidence that Sylvrbeard is a plausible form in period, we have changed the
byname to the form Sylverberd in order to register this name.

The submitter requested authenticity for 10th C "Welch/Norse". Lacking
evidence that any of these elements are authentic for the 10th C in either
Welsh or Old Norse, we were unable to make this name authentic for the
submitter's requested time and languages.

Additionally, support for a name mixing Welsh and Norse was not provided.
As this issue was not addressed in this submission, we are declining to
rule on the registerability of a name including Welsh and Norse elements at
this time. Since the submitted name combines Welsh and English, which has
been ruled on previously, we are registering this name as a mix of Welsh
and English.


>> > Forthcoming on the November ILoI
>> > 29. Wilhelm won dem Schwartzwald - household name for House Goldwulf
>>Is this:
>>  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>Wilhelm von Schwartzwald
>"von dem" appears on the form. I'll make a list of things to change. Thanks 

<Wilhelm von Schwartzwald> was registered in 1980 via the West.  So we
won't have his original form.  So, someone will either need to check with
the submitter or the West to figure this out.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to contact the submitter and say that,
according to the O&A, the name <Wilhelm won dem Schwartzwald> is not
registered.  The closest we could find was <Wilhelm von Schwartzwald>.
When and where did he submit his name?  The problem is that, if he is not
the Wilhelm who registered via the West, then his name got returned at some
point and he may or may not have been notified.

>> > 34. Gerard de le Quartier - new badge
>>Is this <Gerard du Quartier>?
>It's "de le" on the form.

My bet is that it's the same person, but Asterisk will need to check the
mundane names.  In French, you don't use <de le> in a name unless the <le>
is part of a formal placename, like <Le Mans>.  Instead <de le> contracts
to <du>.

>> > 37. Elisabeth de Calais - new badge
>>Is this <Elisabeth Christianne de Calais>?  The name <Elisabeth de Calais> 
>>was returned by Laurel for conflict in 05/2000.
>It appears as <Elisabeth de Calais> on the form.

My bet is that it's the same person since <Elisabeth Christianne de Calais>
originally submitted <Elisabeth de Calais> and it got returned for
conflict.  The mundane names on the forms will need to be checked to make


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