[ANSTHRLD] 25th year submissions

Doug Bell debell1 at txcyber.com
Wed Sep 29 02:39:26 PDT 2004

Karen van der Iris name and device resubmission are missing from 25th Year.
She has already enquired so please try to locate them.

>41. Eric von Stryker - Magnus, talk to me. - new name and device

The given name is often spelled Erich in German but I think I can
locate it without the last h. That spelling is used in Denmark.

The byname can be a palace torturer, wool inspector or a field name
owned by a landed knight in Low German. I think he wants the locative.
Send it out for comments. By that time I should have the rest of the books
checked for the locative form and have sufficient docs for it. I am quite
sure it is registerable but it has to be written up correctly.

>42. Phocas of Bordermarch - needs documentation on given name. Jayme, this
>was your consult. What's up? - new name and device

It sounded like a fern at first, but it's Greek to me.

Common Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the 6th and 7th

Bordermarch, Barony of
This branch-name was registered in May of 1982 (via Ansteorra).
No photocopies needed, just the description.

>43. Michael Fray - no documentation whatsoever. document the byname,
>anyone? - name change to <Michael Kettering>

Given name is already registered to him.
Bardsley page 447 s.n. Kettering
Roger Ketering from 1382

>If you know why the sky is blue and/or why Armillary now wants
>to fly south for the winter, please let me know.

You reflect your earther narrow mindedness with blue skies:
on Mars the sky would be pink,
on Venus a nasty gray,
on Titian a foggy orange,
on Io a yellow haze.
your pre Cambrian earth had reddish skies and olive green oceans.

With oil at $50 a barrel flying south will be popular this winter.


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