[ANSTHRLD] Retiarius Pursuivant Application Deadline

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Sep 29 15:16:37 PDT 2004

>As a result of the above office shuffle, applications are now open for 
>Retiarius Pursuivant.  Retiarius collects the commentary on our internal 
>submissions process, collates it, and forwards it to Asterisk and others 
>for decision meetings.  Applications for Retiarius should be sent to the 
>new Obelisk Herald (former Retiarius), HL Estrill.  I do not need a 
>courtesy copy.  I'll ask HL Estrill to post her deadline for applications 

>to this list.

As Star mentioned above, applications are open for Retiarius Pursuivant. 
As I'd like notice of this open position to appear in the Black Star at 
least once, the deadline for applications will be December 15. Until that 
time I will perform the duties of both positions.

I've already talked with three different people who have inquired further 
about this office. Here's my basic response to their questions:

Retiarius takes the commentary as it comes in (which is all via email 
now-so reliable email access is necessary) and collates it all into one 
document (oh, yah, you must install a "snark filter" on the commentary, 
which isn't *as* necessary as it once was, but it is *occasionally* 
needed). I just use Microsoft Word to create the ICC - it definitely helps 
if you know how to cut & paste. As for how long it takes to create the ICC 
 - unfortunately the answer is, "that depends". The small ILoI's (2-6 
items) of course take less time than the 30 item ILoI's. And then four 
commenters takes less time than eight or ten. I cobble the ICC together as 
it comes in - 1) I first create the basic outline using the published ILoI 
 and then 2) as commentary comes in I integrate each item into the ICC and 
then finally 3) I email the complete ICC out to Asterisk, Obelisk & bunch 
of other heralds (& some commenters who want it). Making a very rough 
guess , I suppose it takes from two hours to 10 hours - but since I 
assemble it in small pieces it doesn't seem to take long at all.

If anyone has further questions, please ask away.

Estrill, Obelisk-to-be & Retiarius-for-a-few-more-months

(oh Emmmma..........)

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