[ANSTHRLD] Lost Submissions

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Tue Aug 2 15:38:56 PDT 2005

>The Internal Letter of Intent for November 2004 listed Ricciardo de 
>and his device, Item #17 and Carlezza (which is incorrect...look at the
>documentation and it is "Carletta" de Nicolosi) is Item #4.  Both Items
>indicate there is a "shared badge" which was to be in the December 2004
>ILOI, but was not.  The initial submissions were done July 2004 at Argent

Not to worry. Just received in the mail last night the May LoAR.

Carletta da Nicolosi - name passed

Ricciardo da Nicolosi - name and device passed. Quarterly gules and sable, 
a cross fleury throughout between in bend sinister two lions combattant 

And their joint badge passed - (Fieldless) A lion's face per pale Or and 

Estrill Obelisk

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