[ANSTHRLD] August decision meeting

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Wed Aug 3 09:01:29 PDT 2005

The August decision meeting of the College of Heralds will be held at
Lughnasad (Loch Ruadh) this weekend. Medb has kindly agreed to run the
meeting for me, and I believe she said it would be at 2pm.

As always, everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. If you haven't been to
a decision meeting before and will be at the event, do attend! They're a
great way to learn more about the behind-the-scenes stuff in the College.

As announced in the August Gazette that just came out, the September meeting
will actually be held on Aug 20th, at Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal. Jayme
will be running that meeting for me.

-Emma, Asterisk

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