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Rhonda and Stephen Hays housedragonstar at earthlink.net
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About submissions...something I know about.

Submissions are $9.00 each, name or device.

Have the submitter give your treasurer a check or cash for $9.00.

Do a check request for $8.00 and have the check made out to the SCA Inc., 
Kingdom of Ansteorra. Your group keeps $1.00 for your budget.

Send the check, along with 3 name or 4 color and 2 black and white line 
drawings of the armory to Asterisk.  Emma's address is in the back of the 
Black Star or you can write her at Asterisk at ansteorra.org.

All items received before the 15th of the month will be in the subsequent 
Internal Letter of Intent.  Watch for it on the web, in the mail if your 
subscribe to the Gazette.  It can be found in the Gazette online as well or 
as a single item on the web.

You can also watch the Red Tape list to see if your check was one of the 
ones she sent up for deposit.

In any case, please follow up to see that your check is received (via Red 
Tape) and then on the web for the Gazette and the ILoI.  The only way that 
anyone will know if it got lost or delayed in the mail is if you watch for 
it.  Things do get lost and delayed.

Medb Liath

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> Ok I need some help,
> How much does it cost to submit a name and who gets the honor of receiving 
> said submission through the mail?
> Catarina di Foscari
> Shadowlands
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