[ANSTHRLD] Heraldic Faux Pas

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I don't know who it was that told you that, but Shires hold registered
devices. When you herald for the Shire, you are representing that group, and
should wear its device in entirety, sans crossed trumpets. Just because it
isn't a barony, doesn't mean you don't get to wear a tabard of your group's
arms when heralding for them. The Seawinds Tabard has the Seawinds Device
(Per pale embattled azure and Or, an escallop inverted counterchanged, in
canton a laurel wreath vert) and nothing more on it. 

I indeed look forward to seeing you at Heraldic And Scribal in the upcoming
weekends, and wholeheartedly invite you to attend the CoH Decision Meeting
being held that afternoon. 

Yours in Service,

Jayme Dominguez del Valle
Seawinds Pursuivant
Retiarius Pursuivant

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I was told yesterday that the tabard is for a shire, not a Barony (implying
that only Baronies, Principalities, or Kingdoms would have a tabard with its
device only on it) and also that the Herald doing his or her job IS working
for the College so the out of period crossed trumpets on a green field can
(and now will) be on the tabard that someone else will make for me <snip>

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