[ANSTHRLD] Heraldic Faux Pas clarification

Charles Ó Floinn Tons at raf662bravo.com
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Thank you Crandall.  I am the better for the clarification.

I had not the chance to discuss what we had talked about when I was notified
of my change in plans.

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Crandall here.
A bit of clarification:
I was the Herald that Charles was directed to, and I am definately not the
best. Though it is nice that HE Tostig Logiosophia had described me as such.
I think that I do hold the record for the most nobles names mispronounced
during a list. Or was it for a formal March of Precedence?
The Late Don Giovanni Lorenzo de Montefiori and Don Alden Pharamond were
both much better than I and I am a mere shadow compared to most.

My major advice was for him to find the "dead horse" on this topic in the
list archives, and then clarify his understanding with Heralds that he had

The pamphlet was published to help new Heralds deal with court and its
preparation, I am sorry there was some confusion.

And I had nothing to do with the telling of the "tabard for a shire thing".
That was the day after I spoke with Charles and I had left the camp as I day
tripped because of the heat.


Charles Ó Floinn <Tons at raf662bravo.com> wrote:
Then I was
directed to meet a man at Lughnasad who, it was told to me, was the best
Field Herald there is in the entire Kingdom.

Upon introducing myself to him (name now forgotten but it may have bee
Dankyn himself) he recognized me from this faux pas post so we never really
talked about field heraldry. He told me of a book he once published on this
very topic
(more snipage)

I was told yesterday that the tabard is for a shire, not a Barony
(last snipage)

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