[ANSTHRLD] court heraldry faux pas

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For any heralds or scribes, please note...

Since the reign of Drake and Sibri, the policy on awards "read into law" in absentia has been:
It should be recorded in the court report where it was read into law, not the court or event where the recipient actually gets it.
A note must be added in the comments on the report to Zodiacus to clearly point out that the recipient has not yet been present to receive the award.
Zodiacus will then await one of two events before publishing the award in the online OP or Black Star.  Either, 1) someone contacts Zodiacus to confirm that the recipient has received their award, or 2) the Crown who gave the award steps down.  If Zodiacus has not heard by the end of the reign that the award was given, then Zodiacus will record it in the OP and publish it in the Black Star (which has an automatic one month lag before it actually goes to print, so an additional month is still given effectively).

To avoid situations like the following, but not forget to get the award recorded (which also happened in the past), the above policy was instituted.

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Having just been the victim of this particular faux pas I feel
qualified to post a reminder..

If someone is not present to receive an award but it is still
read into law and recorded on a court report form, please
attach a note letting zodiacus know that the award has not
yet been presented...

It's a bit startling to thumb though the new blackstar and
see that you were given an award at an event that you
were unable to attend...  :-)

-- Seanán mac Tighearnáin

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