[ANSTHRLD] Borek is cool!!

agnarr agnarr at cox.net
Wed Aug 24 22:52:06 PDT 2005

I would like to get one of the CD's from you so it could be used here in the 
shire of Crossrode Keep.   We have several members (In fact most of our 
group) who have had some trouble with their devices and this could be a big 
help.  I will be a Gothic War.


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> Hmmmm... begging... Not quite my style, at least from the male population 
> ;)
> Now bribes on the other hand :)
> I have so far given out 30 CDs with the info on it. I will be at Gothic 
> and probably Elfsea defender and have enough CD's for another 10-20 before 
> I run out of materials.
> If anyone is interested, email me and let me know. Make sure you put in a 
> good subject because if you are not on my email lsit, it will go straight 
> to the junk folder which I sift through before deleting. If it does not 
> catch my eye, your request could easily get lost among all the viagra  and 
> other "enhancement" emails I seem to get on a regular basis
> Borek

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