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"How are you spelling that?"

It's a BBC Online article about people with names that get
mispronounced.  Of particular interest is the middle,

    Sandra Dodd from Albuquerque, New Mexico, calls herself "Sanndra";
    people from New York call her "Sarndra", people from Texas call
    her "Sa-endra". To some of her friends, however, she is
    Ælflæd (pronounced "Elf-led").

    Dodd is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, whose
    members take part in medieval and Renaissance role-play. This
    means taking on medieval names - another name she considered was

    Having an unusual name in this context is obviously not a problem
    for her. "Anyone who is fluent in Middle English knows how to
    pronounce it," she says.

    The names of some of her fellow members have actually gone beyond
    role-play, she says. Some have decided they actually prefer their
    medieval name in real life - one member, previously known as
    Robert, changed his name to Cathyn, a name which dates from the

It touches on a few more topics than pronunciation and SCA names.

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