[ANSTHRLD] New Award Discussion

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Tue Feb 1 16:09:19 PST 2005

At the last King's Roundtable two items related to awards were 
announced.  First, TRM Ulsted and Cateau have closed the Award of the 
Optio, previously discussed on this list.  Second, it is TRM intent to open 
an award in the place of the Optio that is inclusive of all marshallate 
activities (it will effectively absorb the Optio).  To be specific, this 
award would be an AoA level award (no orders) much like the Sable Thistle 
or Sable Comet.  The charter for the award would specify the area of 
expertise for which the award is being given (ie - a Sable Thistle in 
Period Cooking would equate to a <New Award> in Chivalric Combat scenario).

The areas I have heard specifically mentioned as covered by this award 
would include:  Chivalric Combat, Rapier Combat, Archery, Thrown Weapons, 
Siege Engines, and Equestrian Activities (Equestrian is under the 
marshallate).  That list and the exact wording is certainly subject to 
change at the discretion of the Crown.  But remember that this is not 
specific to one marshallate activity, it is for all of them (and 
theoretically could be given more than once for different areas.

So, what do I need from this list?

First off, if you disagree with the Crown's intent or actions, then this is 
not the forum for that discussion.  The forum for your opinion is a 
personal letter to the Crown or a quiet conversation if you are granted 
Their ear.  This is the Crown's intent and, therefore, my marching orders.

Second, the Crown is directly soliciting input on what to name (and 
therefore related insignia for) the award.  This is the direct opportunity 
of the college to contribute in the naming and creation of an award.  If 
you have a logic for how your idea fits into the awards structure of 
Ansteorra, please explain it; you do not have to be right but you may 
generate discussion for others with your train of thought.  If you can tie 
your suggestion to historical awards or orders or period practice, then 
include your documentation.

His Majesty expressed some interest in maintaining the AoA level format of 
a "Sable <item>" to remain consistent with the Sable Comet, Sable Crane, 
and Sable Thistle.  If you have a really good idea, the "Sable" part may 
not be a concrete requirement but at this point it is desirable.  If you 
have suggestions on an award name, please email myself and the Zodiacus 
Herald (star at ansteorra.org & zodiacus at ansteorra.org) and include your 
insignia suggestion if you have one and it is not immediately evident.  We 
will be collecting the recommendations.  If you want to post a suggestion 
to the list because you want commentary (and maybe a conflict check), 
please do so but copy us as well.  Zodiacus and I will review and collate 
suggestions and bring them to the Crown for a decision.

Some people have already emailed me ideas, or shared them verbally at 
Roundtable or over dinner.  Please add to the ideas for this new 
award.  Right now, consider this a brainstorming period.  We'll focus more 
after taking ideas to the Crown.

Star Principal Herald

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