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Yes, it carried an AoA.

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>> Greetings,
>> I have a question, you explained the relationship to the Optio and the
>> desire to be like a Sable Thistle with the varying areas.  Here is the
>> question, what would be the relationship betweenthe new award and Sable
>> Falcon or King's Archer, etc.?  Would it be separate or would it 
>> emcompass
>> these awards as well?  These is not an agruement towards the awrd just
>> trying to define the scope, which gives better understanding for name and
>> badge.
>> Thomas
>     The Sable Falcon and Kings Archer, as well as the Queen's Rapier
> and Golden Bridle are Non-Armigous awards.  If you don't have an AoA
> and you get one of these you Still don't have an AoA.
>     The Sable Crane and Sable Thistle include an AoA.  The new award
> would as well.
>     I don't recall if the Optio carried an AoA or not and it is not
> listed in the list of Kingdom awards on the Heralds page.
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