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Wed Feb 2 10:56:39 PST 2005

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, agnarr <agnarr at cox.net> wrote:
> Well I was thinking more in the line that a glove being called a
> gauntlet more then the hard-shell hand covering that is used for
> heavy combat.  (I know that I personally use gloves for Heavy,
> Rapier and for all of my Archery activities and I thought the use of
> gloves for Siege and Equestrian to be standard as well.)

It's a valuable thought -- thanks for explaining it.  Is there any
word or phrase that means "glove" that doesn't involve the word
"glove" or "gauntlet", and thereby might allude to the existing

Heck, I have a thesaurus ... no synonyms for "glove" listed at all.
Merriam-Webster on-line doesn't list any.  Reverse Dictionary search
at <http://www.onelook.com/>:

  1 : a token of defiance; specifically : a glove or cap cast on the
      ground to be taken up by an opponent as a pledge of combat
  2 : something deposited as a pledge of performance

I *like* those definitions.  -- Pity that a Sable Gage sounds like the
standard width of a mink.  Still, let me throw the idea down.

Note, by the way, that the original note said

> His Majesty expressed some interest in maintaining the AoA level
> format of a "Sable <item>" to remain consistent with the Sable
> Comet, Sable Crane, and Sable Thistle.  If you have a really good
> idea, the "Sable" part may not be a concrete requirement but at this
> point it is desirable.

I think "Award of the Gage" is better.

Wristlet -- No.
Thumbscrew -- No.
Mitten -- No!

I find that Thor had on his right hand Iarn Greiper or Jarngreipr, an
iron glove, to which Mjolnir returned, and with which he could catch
other harmful things (molten metal, for example).  He also had a belt
of strength, also made by Grid.

Danielis de Lindocolina
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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