[ANSTHRLD] Job Posting - Tressure Herald

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Wed Feb 2 13:45:48 PST 2005

It is my great pleasure to announce that I am opening applications for the 
office of Tressure Herald.  Applications are due to me by March 
28.  Applications should include the usual information on the generic 
kingdom application for office, a copy of a current membership card, a copy 
of a photo ID, and a letter explaining how the submitter would implement 
the job description below.

The letter should include a division of duties explanation.  The scope of 
this position may well be beyond any one person.  In all cases below where 
a duty is ascribed to Tressure, please insert "or designated deputy" when 
reading.  Applicants are encouraged to describe how they would divide the 
duties (need two deputies, which duties are assigned to which, etc.) and 
which they would perform personally.  As this office will be starting many 
of these duties effectively from scratch, some thoughts on the applicant's 
priorities and immediate roadblocks that they discern would be welcome.  It 
is expected that the new office holder may have to adjust their priorities, 
expectations, and plans after taking office; but proof that the applicant 
has considered how to do this job will be critical in the decision.  The 
office holder will become a central nexus for heraldic and scribal 
educational efforts and must have ready access to phone and internet and email.

Additionally, previous experience in education (in or outside of the SCA) 
will be an advantage.  This position can be considered in many respects to 
be like a university provost, a chief academic officer.  The office holder 
will need a lot of drive, attention to detail, and administrative 
experience.  Previous heraldic offices, especially that of a local branch 
herald, will have some preference.

Job Description:
Tressure Herald is the head of the educational branch of the College of 
Heralds of Ansteorra.  As such, Tressure is directly responsible to 
encourage and facilitate heraldic education in Ansteorra.  Tressure is 
expected to interview and appoint deputies, with approval of the Star 
Principal Herald, to ensure the smooth functioning of heraldic education in 
the kingdom.  Specific duties of Tressure include (but are not limited to):

1.  Maintain a directory of Ansteorran instructors of heraldic and scribal 
classes.  This is a private, unpublished directory to which Tressure, Star, 
and the Regional Heralds can refer when seeking an appropriate instructor 
to address heraldic and scribal educational needs for collegiums, symposia, 
or local classes.  Those seeking an instructor should provide Tressure with 
the specifics of their need and Tressure will coordinate finding an 
instructor who is able; Tressure will then have the instructor contact the 
requestor directly.  Requests could come from any officer or group in 

2.  Maintain a library of class syllabi and handouts (with the appropriate 
permissions for reprint, etc.) that can be used by various heralds or 
scribes to teach classes on a variety of topics related to heraldry and the 
scribal arts.  Some materials may be appropriate for posting on the college 
web site for public download, others may be best given to an instructor by 
Tressure after verifying adaquate knowledge to teach the related 
material.  Tressure will be responsible to periodically review the 
materials contained in the library to verify that the material is still 
current; original authors may need to be contacted on occasion to freshen 
their material or some materials may need to be retired and replaced.  When 
allowed by the original authors, permission to have a second author revise 
and update their work should be retained as well.  It is desireable to have 
multiple syllabi or handouts on similar topics for perspective.  It is 
Tressure's duty to maintain all retired or historical documents of this 
library for reference.

3.  It is the duty of Tressure Herald to encourage instructors of heraldic 
and scribal classes to teach at collegiums or symposia located near them 
and to recruit instructors on these topics for any kingdom educational 
event where such classes would be appropriate and welcomed by the event staff.

4.  It is the duty of the Tressure Herald to, in coordination with Star and 
the regional heralds, annually revise, update, and edit the warranting 
class packet of materials and the exam used in that class.  This shall 
ideally be done during the fourth quarter of each calendar year for 
implementation in the next calendar year.  Tressure shall maintain the 
masters for the packet and the exam with copies given to Star, the 
regionals, and any other herald that Star authorizes to teach the course 
for that year.  Historical copies of previous packets and exams shall be 
retained by this office for reference.  Tressure shall maintain, in 
coordination with the regional heralds, a directory of all attendees who 
have passed the warranting class.

5.  It is the duty of the Tressure Herald to annually update, revise, and 
issue to Star and the regional heralds, those exams known as "PE Exams" 
(title subject to change).  Versions of these exams shall be issued 
annually; test takers who do not pass an exam shall not be entitled to a 
"retake" of the exam until the next revisionis issued.  Tressure shall 
maintain, in coordination with the regional heralds, a directory of all 
attendees who have passed "PE exams".  All exams taken are to be retained 
and filed with the Tressure Herald office.

6.  Tressure Herald shall serve as editor of the "Ansteorran Book of the 
Herald."  The book may be updated and published at any time but shall be 
required to go through a formal review for out-of-date, missing, or unclear 
material once per year.  Tressure should also maintain permissions on file 
for each article for publication to the college's web site and 
reprinting.  Permissions for editorial review and adjustment (as material 
needs updating) is desirable from authors who will allow.

7.  The Tressure Herald shall serve as editor of the "Frequently Asked 
Questions" (FAQ) section of the college web site and shall coordinate this 
with the maintainer of the college web site.

8.  It is expected that Tressure will maintain a communication relationship 
with the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister, or appropriate deputy, as to 
collegiums and symposia and other opportunites to encourage heraldic and 
scribal education.

9.  Tressure Herald is expected to maintain a regular dialog with Star 
Principal Herald to further efforts of heraldic and scribal education and 
recruitment and training of new heralds.

10.  Tressure Herald is expected to annually conduct a review of each 
region with Star, Star Signet, Asterisk, Zodiacus, and the appropriate 
regional herald and scribe to identify and target educational "hot topics" 
related to heraldry and scribal arts.  Not all regions should be reviewed 
simultaneously though completing these reviews before the annual editing of 
the warranting packet and exam are desirable.

11.  The Tressure Herald is expected to be, or to provide, the class 
coordinator for the Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium.

12.  Other duties as assigned by Star Principal Herald are to be 
expected.  The Tressure Herald is expected to be proactive in addressing 
educational issues as they are discovered.

Questions on this position description and its contents should be forwarded 
to the Star Principal Herald.

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