[ANSTHRLD] Award of the Sable Furison

Rhonda and Stephen Hays housedragonstar at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 2 17:47:07 PST 2005

Medb here...

My vote goes for either the Sable Furison or the Sable "insert your favorite 
structure here."

Sable Furison -  it  has great symbolism, works on all activities, isn't 
going to be confused with much else in kingdom, and just makes for a great 
award text.  It is simple and elegant.

I also like the Sable Tower, Turret, Keep, whatever we call the structure. 
It also is simple, elegant and makes for good symbolism. We are honoring 
those who fight for home and keep.  It would also allow for the award to 
given to those who might not excel at any one weapon, but do excel at melee 
tactics (of course the Crown will ultimately determine that).

One sort of girlie idea I had was if we gave them sable towers, they could 
hang little charms from the bottom to indicate what their area of speciality 
was.  It could be modelled on a pilgrim's badge.  Yeah, I know, way to 

Issues to consider with some of the other suggestions, the authors of whom I 
cannot recall so nothing personal here....

Sable Cross - way too many religious connotations, though we register 
crosses all the time.

Sable Ring - one you wear like a torque or like a ring on your finger? 
Either way, the insignia won't be worn much.  Rings are hard to find in a 
one size fits all and I don't know about yall, but a torque just doesn't go 
with that mid to late period German that my lord is wearing these days and 
last time I checked, base metals turned  skin green. Plus, can you imagine 
the cost of the insignia?  Who is going to make all that stuff?

To be practical, we must also think about how the insignia is worn, does it 
lend itself to being made somewhat easily so that we will have people 
actually make it; and is it wearable across a fairly wide range of time 
periods.  Most of our insignia is transfomable so that you can wear it 
across the centuries, so to speak, and still know that it is what it is.


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