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Here is my two cents on these.
          Sable Star on the surface sounds good, but as a fighter something 
that takes the star as a symbol other than general Ansteorran is not a good 
idea.  Beginning fighters wear the Ansteorran Star on Tabors because they do 
not have a household, a device or other marking to say where thay belong.  
Even established households or groups wear it on the back of tabors.  If we 
made the Sable Star an award then only those whom had earned the award could 
wear it into battle.  I personal would not want to change this idea, if you 
fight for Ansteorra you can wear an Ansteorran Star.
          Sable Tower/Keep I like a lot.  This seems to symbolize that not 
only are you proven in an Art of the Marshallate of your choice but, you are 
a safekeeper of all those whom choose to call Ansteorra home.  Defender of 
not only the Crown but the Populace that dwells within those walls.
          Sable Ring is good but, it might be a little too simple.  It might 
clear conflict but what does it end up looking like, a black cicle on a 
yellow field?
          Sable Steel becomes a little confusing.  Are those of the award 
the steel itself, welders of steel, makers of steel, or harden as or by 
steel?  Maybe all of the above.  As to the furison, when you know what it is 
it sounds and looks good, if you don't it is just a funny looking thing.
          Sable Boar or any other animal lends itself to more specific 
awards.  A horse head for equestrians is good but a boar seems a bit of a 
streach.  As an archer a boar is something to shoot at, not wear.

These are just my thoughts.
Thomas Quilliam

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>My own opinions but.
>1. Sable Star, agree it can be confused with the Rising Star and Star of 
>Merit which are giving for service to the kingdom.  However we do have this 
>thing about Stars (do not know why).
>2.  Sable Tower/Keep, I like this one.  All of us are the rocks in the 
>foundation in this kingdom, combined we are the strength of Ansteorra.  A 
>tower or keep was know to be the place of defense and safety in times of 
>war.  Might work.
>3.  Sable Ring, again I like this one too.  History tells that ring giving 
>was a sign of appreciation from the king to his vassals.  It also seems to 
>be a somewhat popular theme at least in the north of Europe.
>4.  Sable Steel, the only thing I have a problem with is the use of a 
>furison.  I am not sure I like the use of a striking steel as symbolism, if 
>you think here piggy piggy was bad think about someone saying Come on baby 
>light my fire.
>5.  Sable Boar, not bad.  The boar was and is known as one tough animal.  
>It tusks are sharp, its charge is fierce.
>My own humble opinions of course.
>Iaen Mor
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>   Suggestions I like so far...no particular order....
>   1) Sable Star
>   2) Sable Tower
>   3) Sable Ring
>   4) Sable Steel
>   All have good symbology to work into scroll text. And all are currently 
>clear of conflict.
>   Just my 2 pence
>   Malcolm
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