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Fri Feb 4 08:43:24 PST 2005

I will say that from a court heralds point of view that I very much
like the Sable Dragon.... It does not denote a type of fighting and it
is very broad and awe inspiring.....

-=The Seamus

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 22:31:23 -0800 (PST), Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.
<rapierman at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Okay, I'm going to throw my two cents in.  >ka-chink<  There.
> Now, then....
> Just to add to the thoughts here:
> The first thing that came to mind was Sable Sword, but that was the
> Sword of State, so that's taken already.
> Failing that, I decided to think about Sable Halberd for a
> moment....but then decided against it due to possible confusion....
> But Sable Spear....that might be worth checking into.
> Proposed blazon:  "Or, a spear sable."
> Checking the O & A....
> Oops.  An exact conflict.  Angus Kerr (East, June 2001).  There went
> that idea.
> Hmmmm..."...Sable Axe" instead?  Checking.....
> "Or, a double-bitted bearded axe sable." (Ulrich von Ravensway,
> Atlantia, February 1984).  Wouldn't press my luck with that one.
> Hmmm....
> Sable Sword & Spear?  Hmmmm....
> "(Fieldless) A sword and spear saltirewise sable".  Checking.....
> No conflicts.  I think we got a winner with that one.
> "(Fieldless) A dragon sable."  Checking....
> Closest was Eric de Dragonslaire:  "(Fieldless) A dragon salient sable
> breathing flames gules."  Discounting the flame breath (Listerine
> works, yanno) due to artistic license, we have the Fieldless CD plus
> one for posture (salient vs. rampant).  This is also a winner.
> I kinda like the dragon better.  Fierce, strikes fear.  Dangerous.
> Definitely works.
> Lord Johann Kiefer Haydon (Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.)
> Orbis (and taxman)
> (Striking fear into the hearts of the enemy.)
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