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On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, Crandall <crandalltwo-scalists at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Oh Danny Boy,
> You have done exactly as I wished and I thank you. I had requested a
> visual check and gotten no responce, and thus had to take it to this
> list.

It is only because she had no activity since 1993 (and that she wasn't
an SCA group) that I was able to see the emblazon.  It is possible
that your request was lost in the transition of the Wreath Sovereign
of Arms office.

I should not release archived images, but I can do some visual checks
-- but please request an examination of an image, rather than just how
to appeal.

> You are correct, I had hoped that the rose was bigger, or that the
> erased vs. the couped meant something.

Erasing versus couped is not a CD, and apparently Laurel usually
doesn't bother to mention it.  E.g., 8/99 LoAR:

  Steafan mac Thamhais. Badge. Azure, a talbot's head erased argent
  within a bordure rayonny Or.

     Conflict with the Barony of the North Woods, Azure, a wolf's head
     couped argent vorant of a sun and in chief a laurel wreath Or.
     The emblazon shows that the sun is not large enough to be
     significant so there is only a CD for the change of type of the


           [Returning Per chevron ermine and sable, a lion's head
           erased argent] Conflict with the badge for Kasilda Kubasek,
           Gules, a natural leopard's head erased argent, spotted
           sable. There is a CD for the field but nothing for the
           forced change of position on the field. Nor is there a CD
           for markings on the head of Kasilda's leopard. [Feb 2000,
           Ret-Middle, Vladislav de Jaffa]

Or 10/03:

  Guillem Gallo. Badge. (Fieldless) A cock's head couped gules combed,
  beaked, and wattled argent.

      Conflict with a badge of Ranulf of the North Country, for Shasta
      Provincial Mercenaries, also called the Gobbler Company,
      (Fieldless) A turkey's head erased gules, beaked Or, wearing a
      horned Viking's helmet Or. There is one CD for fieldlessness.
      There is no difference between a turkey's head and a cock's
      head. The difference in tincture of the charges is less than
      half the charge. There is no difference for adding the helmet to
      the bird's head. As stated in the December 2002 Cover Letter,
      "Without period evidence to the contrary, and because of the
      contrast problems inherent in the design of a crown on an
      animal's head, it does not seem appropriate to give difference
      for adding a crown to a charge consisting only of an animal's
      head." The situation with this helmet is analogous.

> The intent of my submission was to follow the College's suggestions
> for simplification of design and an attempt to make it more period
> style.  The submission has been plagued from the first, with the
> first one lost, and the second, finally put through the system.

Ow!  Good luck to you!

Dannet Lincoln
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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