[ANSTHRLD] Appeal question

Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 8 20:30:53 PST 2005

If she's a royal peer, it's likely I can locate her on
the Royal Peers list (yes, there really *is* a list
for everything). 

Would you like me to try that?


--- kobrien at texas.net wrote:

> Quoting Crandall <crandalltwo-scalists at yahoo.com>:
> > Oh Danny Boy, 
> > You have done exactly as I wished and I thank you.
> I had requested a visual
> > check and gotten no responce, and thus had to take
> it to this list. 
> > I appreciate your efforts. Does your file have an
> address, so that I might
> > request an official permission to conflict? 
> It might.  But it won't be helpful as it would date
> from 1984 when Ealasaid 
> nic Chlurain registered her badge.
> The best bet would to be to google/yahoo on the name
> to try and figure out 
> where she may be now.
> I found a link for a photo of her from a 2002 Caid
> coronation, so your best 
> bet may be to email Crescent Principal Herald for
> Caid and ask her if she 
> has contact info for Countess Ealasaid or if she
> knows someone who does.
> (continuing to look through yahoo hits...)
> It looks like she's active in Lyondemere since she's
> listed as teaching 
> dance at their meeting (http://www.sca-
> caid.org/lyondemere/baronial/meetings.html). 
> There's links to the Seneschal 
> and Chronicler on that page.  Maybe one of them
> would know how to get ahold 
> of Countess Ealasaid.
> Hope this helps,
> Mari
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