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> On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Jann Mays <hlgabrielle at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > 'Gules, an escarbuncle of arrows sable enflamed OR'
> I vaguely remember that there was discussion about "escarbuncle of",
> but I don't recall what was said.  -- The blazon should specify
> whether the points are to center or the bases are to center.
> I suspect it would be reblazoned to "eight arrows whatever to to
> center" anyway, as even Parker doesn't mention "escarbuncle of"
> (except of staves or rays, the normal sort -- but he doesn't even
> mention "of chain", from the arms of Navarre).
> > Alden said that it would be a good idea for me to post to the list
> > to see if anyone else finds any conflicts on this one.
> You beg the question "is there anything other than conflict that could
> cause this to bounce?"
> The CoA Glossary Appendix 1 is "Terms Commonly Misused in the SCA
> College of Arms".  It includes the definition
>     Enflamed.  A charge which has small gouts of flame issuing from
>     it.  See also _On a flame_.
> So, with just little bits of flame coming off, it's essentially
>     Gules, an escarbuncle of arrows sable.
> Color-on-color instaboing, I'm afraid.
> Danet de Linccolne
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